Three health benefits of a Knead Me massage

Friday, August 5, 2016

Increased flexibility is one of the main benefits of massage. With excessive amounts of pressure and stress muscles become tight, this can be caused by many different scenarios with exercise and stress being two of the main causes. During your treatment muscles are released and stretched to give an amazing feeling of relief and looseness.

A good night’s sleep gives your body the ability to function at its highest level. It is seen to improve the body’s capability to work consistency and generally for longer periods of time. Due to the relaxing nature of massage and the fact that muscles have been stretched and released, sleep tends to be deeper and comes more easily.

In our experience the best type of massage to reduce stress is a combination of deep tissue and relaxation techniques. Combined, these styles of massage allow the body and mind to relax while targeting problem areas where muscles are tense and stressed. This feeling of calm is immediate and regular massage can assist in creating ongoing stress reduction.

We look forward to helping you relax and enjoy your stay at 'Jura House'.

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